Prosthetic Aesthetics

"Man has, as it were, become a kind of prosthetic God. When he puts on all his auxiliary organs, he is truly magnificent; but those organs have not grown on him and they still give him much trouble at times." Sigmund Freud

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The Prosthetic Sea – Poetry, Floatation Chambers, and the Nature of Water

The following essay brings together issues raised during a talk with D. Graham Burnett, editor of Cabinet Magazine and a specialist in the History of Science and of the ocean in particular. … Continue reading

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Exilliteratur: Part Three – Exile and The Scientist

There is a rift between science and beauty, inhabited by war machines. We could say that explosions, caught just at the moment of their full force, have an aesthetic quality … Continue reading

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Exilliteratur: Part Two – Exile and The Space Station

Part two of the series exploring the outer reaches of human technology – beyond art and science. With thanks to Lebbeus Woods (RIP). — What is a space station, except … Continue reading

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Exilliteratur: Part One – Exile and The Tower (for Lebbeus Woods)

Exilliteratur, The next series of posts about Exile and Architecture comes from conversations I had with the artist and architect Lebbeus Woods, who sadly passed away earlier this month. – … Continue reading

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Public Assembly: Part Four – Oblique Landscape

The third and final project from the Public Assembly essay, the Oblique Landscape was the result of a year spent obsessing about a new kind of urban sculpture, one that … Continue reading

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Public Assembly: Part Three – Thames Platform

The second project presented in the Public Assembly essay, the Thames Platform continues the idea of an inhabitable modular sculpture that reflects the changing physical environment of the city, in … Continue reading

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Public Assembly: Part Two – Metabolic Bridge, 2008

— — This is the first project mentioned in my recent essay on Urban Installations; all of the maquettes were made in a late-night rush – Meccano on steroids.  As a site-specific … Continue reading

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Public Assembly: Part One – The Installation as Aesthetic Object and Institutional Critique

The following is an essay about art and architecture that I wrote for TREMORS Magazine earlier this year. It was time to be more critical about the urban installations I … Continue reading

October 13, 2012 · 2 Comments

Frieze Masters and Frieze Amateurs – Strong and Weak Aesthetics

The very naming of “Frieze Masters” implies that the original “Frieze” is populated by amateurs. Not in the derogatory sense, but in its original meaning of Amateur – “Lover of…”. … Continue reading

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Ilya Kabakov: The Palace of Projects 1995-98 | Part Two: Limitless Worlds

Following on from the first part of Ilya Kabakov’s ‘Foreward to the Installation’ from his Palace of Projects installation, Kabakov describes the layout of the structure where visitors can spend … Continue reading

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Ilya Kabakov: The Palace of Projects 1995-98 | Part One: Universal Types

The work of Ilya Kabakov, Russian grandfather of installation art, was first introduced to me by my friend, the painter Viktor Timofeev. The following is an extract from ‘Foreward to … Continue reading

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On Anish Kapoor, Part Three: XL Sculpture

Public art. What does it mean? If it means a work of art visible to the public, then Kapoor has been very successful with the mirrored Cloud Gate, and incredibly … Continue reading

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“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy” Nietzsche

The human body is both sacred and common.  As the title quote by Friedrich Nietzsche illustrates, there is no strict distinction between the mortal vessel we inhabit and our mind. … Continue reading

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